Here’s an interview I did with Pamela Maranta who is also a Thermomix Consultant.

She decided to join my recent Celebrate the Veg – 14 Day Plant-Based Challenge and was pleasantly surprised at how much easier the meal plans made her busy life with a fulltime job, plus being married with a toddler, and also a Thermomix consultant.

Originally from Argentina, she told me that their meals (just like many Kiwi homes) tend to revolve around BBQ’s and meat which made it all the more surprising that she decided to jump on and fully immerse herself in a “plant-based” challenge with the underlying mission “to spring clean our bodies before Christmas”.

Pamela kept an amazing record via her social media Instagram page (Smartmix_Pamela) of her versions of the meals which were beautifully presented on some lovely black plates.

When I asked her how she was finding the challenge and how she was feeling, here’s her response.

“Really good. Surprisingly I’m not missing the meat so far and I don’t feel I’m hungry in between meals.”

“But I’m most surprised that my husband is doing the challenge with me and he is not missing the meat either. He said he doesn’t mind eating vegetarian as long as (its) super tasty as the recipes you choose in the challenge.”

It was great to get Pamela’s perspective from her practical experience of using What’s for Dinner Meal Plans. Although there were some meat options to accommodate non-participating household members, I was surprised that Pamela and family chose not to use any of them.

She gives a fab review of how the plans helped make her week so much easier, even with her knowledge of Cookidoo and being a consultant.