Imagine this….

Coming home each day and knowing exactly what you are going to cook that night and the next night and the next…

  • You’ve got the meal plan for the week 
  • The ingredients list to shop in the weekend 
  • And a prep ahead list to help you get a great head start for the week

Ready-made meal plans for your Thermomix.

One of the main challenges faced in the majority of households is figuring out what to eat.

You’re busy.

You’re unsure of what to eat.

You’re trying to satisfy your needs and those of your family – some may have food intolerances or be fussy eaters.

And you want to eat in a way that nourishes your body.


I’m Steph Johnstone.  I’m a vegetarian, my husband is not. My daughter is vegan and dairy free & gluten free for health reasons.

So I have an overall understanding of a variety of needs and know the challenges of figuring out what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and even what to snack on, so that home life is happy, healthy and harmonious.

I have found the key to this is to plan. Combine that with a bit of prep, means you’re heading in the right direction.

Do you struggle with catering for various dietary needs?

Or do you simply want weekly meals ideas to help inspire you to try some new things and to remove the overwhelm of wading through 1000’s of options?

Let me help you with our What’s For Dinner Plans. Without plans & a bit of prep you will find you’re regularly reaching for packaged foods or ordering take-out.

And then how do you feel?

The additives and preservatives in many of these products can leave you feeling uncomfortable, guilty at the cost, some even feel sick afterwards due to various food intolerances. Not ideal.


Plan + Prep = happy, healthy & harmonious homes

That’s why I created What’s for Dinner?

Wholefood Meal Plans by Create & Thrive Kitchen

You can eat and enjoy, not feel guilty AND your body and bank balance will be happier too. 

Each week,  you will receive a video that will go over the week’s beautifully-designed and thoughtfully-curated meal plan. I will share tips and substitutes, so it can be personally tailored to you, taking into consideration your family’s needs and preferences.

You will get invitations to both live and online workshops and the odd cookalong option offered as well as a community to encourage and inspire you too.

I will take the guesswork and angst out of planning nourishing wholefood meals for you and your family.  

Another bonus of planning & prepping I’ve discovered is more involvement by my family. If the meals are all planned and they get home hungry, it’s all there ready to go and they take over and make the meal. Win-win!


Does this sound like a solution for you?

Benefits of our Meal Plans

Hate Planning?

I’ll share a meal plan for the week, just pop those into your Cookidoo and  your grocery list will be sorted. You will be getting full recipes (with pictures too) nutritional information and all sorts of tips. 

All you have to do is add the menu to your Cookidoo, shop, prep, and eat. No strain on your brain! 

Feeling Bloated and Sluggish?

Maybe you’re eating too much packaged junk food? No worries. These meals are made with clean and lean ingredients that will help you eat right and give you loads of energy.

All my meals are nutrition-focused meals. Nourishing and delicious meals that are fuelling your body with what it needs to thrive.

Bored and Craving Variety?

I’ve got you covered with new recipe inspiration each week. New recipes each week with guidance on how to swap out things if needed to accommodate food allergies and preferences. You’ll be discovering so many different ways to cook your food and loving it!

In a Rush?

Most recipes in our meal plans are cooked in less than 30 minutes, except for a few slow cooker meals (available on the TM6) but other options will be given too. We will suggest a few prep ideas that will keep the week night routine time simpler eg some pantry staples that can be done in the weekend.

Looking for Simplicity?

Using the screen guided cooking function on your Thermomix (TM5 and TM6) is next level. However, if you have the TM31 model you can still use Cookidoo – you will just need to work off your chosen device to follow the recipe. 

Almost all the ingredients can be found at the average grocery store but we will include tips for swaps and where to find any special ingredients if needed.

What some of our participants say…

Being invited to be part of Stephanie’s Planning sessions was the impetus I needed to start using my Thermomix for meals, rather than the little things like stock for example.

Stephanie is thoroughly conversant with how Cookidoo works and the explanations as to how to use this for everyday planning. This has made for a far easier week of meals, instead of getting to 4pm and asking, what do you want for dinner !

Maggie (TM5 Owner)

Auckland, New Zealand

I really enjoyed the What’s for Dinner workshop I did with Steph. 

Being a busy business owner, wife & mother, there’s always a lot to do and think about! That’s why I loved being part of this group. We would discuss and plan meals together, share tips and what meals were winners for the family. 

Steph was really friendly, helpful and organised. Her added tips and focus on wellbeing gave me a sense of comfort when selecting meals to plan for my family for the week ahead. 

I learnt how to use Cookidoo more effectively and came to the realisation that with a bit of guidance meal planning was so much quicker and easier to achieve.

It took the pain out of the planning process!! 

The group dynamic was fun to be a part of and I didn’t want it to finish.

Louisa (TM5 Owner)

Auckland, New Zealand

I work full time and live with my husband and 2 teenage boys that eat A LOT.

I tried Marley Spoon and Hello Fresh for a period of time, which was good as I didn’t have the worry of not having the correct ingredients to make a meal as everything was in the bag. But after a period of time I didn’t feel it was our healthiest option and we got bored with the menu options. 

So when I got hold of Cookidoo and did Steph’s planning online I really felt way more in control of exactly what we wanted to eat.

Steph made it so easy to plan for the week and what a nice feeling to go through the day not wondering what we would be having for dinner. It was planned and the shopping list was on my Cookidoo app on my phone so made life more stress free.

NB Caroline has the model pre wi-fi smart connected models and yet has found Cookidoo saves her time and money with her shopping. The planning is taking her journey to a whole new level.

Caroline (TM31 Owner)

Gold Coast, Australia

I would describe myself as a very satisfied client. Working with Stephanie to increase my use of my Thermomix was everything she promised and more.

My Cookidoo App is now front and centre on my phone. I plan weekly and use the shopping list option all the time. Thank you Steph for your guidance. Very much appreciated.

Alison (TM5 Owner)

Gold Coast, Australia

I’ve got you covered with new recipe inspiration each week.

New recipes each week with guidance on how to swap out things if needed to accommodate food allergies and preferences. You’ll be discovering so many different ways to cook your food and loving it!

What’s Included

Each weekly meal plan comes complete with:

5-Day Dinner Plan
Each meal plan includes 5 mains with tips and variations for the different Thermomix models and your dietary preferences.

Lots more Recipe Inspiration

Each week you’ll also get breakfast, lunch, snack & pantry staple ideas too. 

Detailed Recipes
Your meal plan comes complete with full recipes (with pictures), and simple to follow instructions via your Cookidoo subscription.

Prep Ahead List
An option to prepare for the week during the weekend – a few pantry staples and getting a head start on some of the components for the week to be ahead of the game.

Using Cookidoo & the app version on your phone you will have a detailed categorised grocery list: (produce, meat/dairy, grains, etc.) to allow for quick shopping. Some even prefer to use the list to shop online.

Nutrition Info
All Cookidoo Recipes come with complete nutrition details so you can track calories, protein, and carbs, if needed.


Our Private What’s For Dinner Facebook Community
Where we share our meal successes and challenges, learn from each other, share photos and rate the meals.

Videos, Interviews, E-Books in the pipeline as are specialised programmes.

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