So What’s Next…

I hope you really enjoyed our Taster 2 week offer and can see the value in it –  enough to want to join our Main Programme – WFD Monthly Plans – to ensure meal plan & prep evolves into the worthwhile habit that it has the potential to be.

It’s definitely a habit worth cultivating and the rewards are plentiful. For this reason, we wanted to make the Taster version free despite all the work it takes to create it and hopefully the proofs in the pudding.

The meals are done seasonally and reflect that,  plant-based but with meat options because let’s face it, most families are a hybrid of various meal preferences, wants & needs. You get options to select to suit your family dynamics.

Come and join us, Have some fun turning that age-old challenge of “What’s for Dinner?” into something that is not to be feared as you have the solution.

I take the overwhelm of choosing from 62,000+ and growing recipes on Cookidoo and do the PLAN for you, give you PREP ideas to do before the week starts and SUPPORT you on the journey to maximising the use of your Thermomix. 

For less than $1/day you have not just your 5-weekday dinners sorted but ideas for breakfast, lunch, pantry staples, entertaining ideas, swap outs to accommodate the various dietary needs, interviews, tips & tricks, the odd cookalong, and lashings of inspiration along the way.

Camenbert Cranberries Almonds
Chocolate Pistachio Slice

Join What’s For Dinner!

If you want to establish this healthy habits routine and consolidate your learning, join us for the 3-Monthly Membership.

Recipes are family-friendly with in-season ingredients.

Our gift to you!  Get the first week for only $1

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars


$9.95 per week

($1.42 per day)


$29 monthly

($7.25 per week)


$79 every 3 months

($6.58 per week)

Any Questions?

I would love to talk to you.

Phone +64 21 426 999