Here’s an interview I did with Dr Sharon Walt. She is a “Certified International Functional Medicine Health Coach” and specialises in working with women who have Hashimotos’ Thyroiditis which affects 10% of the population. Her philosophy is that “creating a thriving and supportive environment for our bodies is the best way forward to recovering from an autoimmune condition. And this means changing dietary and lifestyle habits – which is hard!”                She is doing a series of interviews focusing on ways to make these changes easier. And to start this series off she requested to interview me about ways we can make the food aspect of our lives easier and simpler. As someone diagnosed with subclinical Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (which means I don’t currently need to take the meds which are for a lifetime once you’re on them) I like her holistic approach where she focuses on “identifying and addressing the root causes of the disorder.” It makes a lot of sense to me. As Dr Sharon says “everyone is unique in their individual circumstances such as lifestyle (including family, friends, work, stress levels), or physiology (food sensitivities, metabolism, gut health, etc). One size does not fit all, so progress towards goals depends on finding the right strategies for each person.” In this interview we cover: My healthy food journey
  1. How I got into Thermomix and why it’s a gamechanger in my kitchen and why I decided to share this with others.
  2. What was the motivation for staring What’s for Dinner Plans.
  3. What is a Thermomix is and can do for you in 2 minutes
  4. Why cooking from scratch is so important
  5. Main contributors to chronic immune conditions
  6. Importance of Gut Health
Solutions & Tips to save you time, money and stress
  • Advantages of meal planning & prepping ahead
  • Bulk prep & freezing portions
  • Ways to avoid waste
  • How to cook for varying needs eg autoimmune diseases, GF, vegan