A visit to a cafe a year or two ago inspired me to create this recipe.

Being vegetarian I’m always looking for ways to increase the protein in my meals. By adding a secret base – in this instance hummus – you add a little extra surprise which is hidden underneath the salad. The salad itself is an explosion of colour.

Colour on the plate is a hashtag I’ve used for a while now on Instagram. It’s important not just for the wow factor visually but also for getting a good range of vitamins and minerals to fuel our bodies well.

The expression “eat the rainbow” should be a golden rule for us all. I wonder how many people don’t actually realise that each colour (of fruit & veggies) gives us different benefits crucial to our wellbeing.

Here’s the recipe I created which changes depending on what’s in season, and in my fridge. It always includes lettuce, cherry tomatoes and pomegranates. The rule of thumb is a variety of colour and textures.


Here’s a little summary of why we all need to eat a variety of different coloured vegetables and fruits. Seeing it written down certainly motivates me.

Perhaps we should add it as a daily challenge given it’s importance.